Friday, April 29, 2011

Week 22

We went on our first flight together this week. You were very good to mommy on the plane and the 2 days she was in MN for work. Daddy was so excited to have us back home and kept kissing my belly because he missed us.

We're so excited to take you on trips when you're little older and show you the world. Us three are going to make a great team :)

Week 21

My munchkin, you've been practicing martial arts in my belly. Your initial fluttering movements are turning into full fledged kicks, nudges and somersaults. You must be proud of your chinese heritage :)

Mommy and daddy went on a Hospital Orientation tour this week to see the room you will be delivered in. Mommy was getting very emotional hearing how you will be placed on her chest for half an hour after delivery for bonding time. I can't wait to feel your heartbeat against mine. I'm all tears at the thought of you and me staring at each other's eyes for the very first time. You're going to make my heart skip a beat and daddy will be there to witness it all.

Week 20

Little peanut, we've hit the halfway mark this week. 20 weeks are behind us and 20 more to look forward to. I love you more than I can say my little banana, that's how big you are right now :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Week 19

Mama had a very emotional week my sweet little angel. The changes and the pregnancy hormones have been leaving her crying every night. You must have felt my weaknesses and did something very special to bring back big smiles on her face. Just like that, you wiped all those tears with your first kick. Your little feet are kicking mama's tummy so hard that daddy could even see the movements. Every night, mommy and daddy tap the growing belly and get all giddy when you respond with powerful kicks. We keep telling you how much we love you and can't wait to meet you. I'm amazed that you can already recognize my voice.