Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 34

Good morning love. Hope you slept good last night. Mommy and daddy had an eventful week and a productive one. Daddy set up your crib, mommy was on a mission to clean and organize and we both did your first laundry. We had a big grin on our faces as we folded and put away your tiny outfits. Your room is starting to come together. I love spending time in it dreaming about the day you get to be in my arms. Because of that, I decided to take the rest of the belly shots in your room. We are in the home stretch of this pregnancy.
Also, your first cousin Ivan was born. Mommy is in love with him. He has auntie's lips and moves them just like how she does. Do you look anything like me or is your daddy's genes taking over? :)

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